We’ve got the perfect Pilates class or course for you

Pilates increases strength and mobility which leads to ease of movement. It improves circulation, which boosts overall health and well being.

The Light Centre Monument hosts one of the largest range of Pilates classes in London, from Mat Classes to Reformer Classes, as well as special classes for beginners and people with back problems. We have a class for everyone.

Which type of Pilates is right for you?

Pilates Mat Classes

We offer around 30 Pilates Mat Classes a week at the Light Centre Monument, including Pilates for Backs, Pregnancy Pilates and lots more. All hosted by some of the best Pilates teachers in London.

The pilates mat classes take place in our Yoga studios and are 45 mins or 60 minutes long, so you can can easily fit them around your lifestyle.

If you have never done Pilates before or are a bit rusty, try one of our Pilates Beginner Courses.

See below for a full list of classes and teachers.

Pilates Equipment Studio

Our Pilates Equipment Studio, called SPRING PILATES, is dedicated to Pilates reformer classes.

With small class sizes (just 5 per class), we provide an intimate environment and individualised attention. All of the reformer classes are “All levels” which means you are welcome to attend if you are a complete beginner or an experienced “reformer”.

If you prefer to be just with beginners, try one of our Reformer Level 1 classes.


Beginner Courses

New to Pilates? Takes you from first steps to a real understanding of the principles of Pilates Introduces you to the key postures, to core stability, pelvic neutrality, breathing techniques, philosophy and relaxation. Beginners courses are suitable for absolute beginners and also for those who want to return to the basics in order to revisit the foundation of their practice and understanding.

Find a Pilates Teacher

Find a Pilates Class

As many of our classes can get very busy we always recommend pre-booking to reserve your spot. Please use the schedule below to book in. Alternatively, you can easily book via the Mind Body app (Mind Body will recognise Monthly Passes, UHP and Light Centre memberships. It may have trouble applying Account Credit so please ask us to book in for you if you are paying this way)

Please note: Booking can be cancelled up to 24 hours in advance with full refund.
Bookings cancelled within 24 hours of the class are non-refundable.
If you are late to the class you may be refused entry and will be ineligible for a refund. 

Please remember to always check in with reception even if you've already booked online.

Want to see more than just Pilates? See the full timetable for EVERY Class, Course and Workshop here