Nicola London

Hot Yoga Teacher

“Creative, unique and lyrical.”

Hot Vinyasa Flow Yoga


Nicola has been practicing yoga (Kundalini, Vinyasa and Bikram) for 8 years. Before this Nicola was a dancer and completed her BA in Dance Theatre specialising in contemporary dance and choreography. Nicola was immediately drawn to yoga. The subtle association of pranayama, mind and the body really fascinated her. During her dance career Nicola worked in theatre; creating choreography and movement directing for different productions. Nicola continued this and completed an MA in movement teaching and directing at RCSD. Nicola immersed herself in movement actor training and found intriguing links between actor training and yoga. Watching a yoga teacher with actors really inspired Nicola: the semiotics of language, mediation and movement had a visceral and sublime effect on the students in the room.  Inspired by this Nicola went on to do her first yoga teacher training facilitated by Jessica Stewart. Jessica encouraged and inspired Nicola helping her transform her experiences in to her own unique classes that could appeal to beginners as well as more advance practitioners. Recently Nicola completed a Restorative teacher training with Deborah Berryman. Nicola is excited to share her newfound love for restorative yoga.

Since Nicola started teaching yoga a year ago she is already working at studios as well as corporate firms and has had experience putting together one to one programs. She has also spent a few months gaining experience teaching at Healthy Options a Greek yoga and fitness retreat.

Nicola can offer a refreshing Vinyasa flow based class: creative, unique and lyrical as well as a gentle revitalising and completely relaxing restorative class. Nicola can also offer a fun dance, Pilates and yoga infused class with her foundation knowledge in barre method.

As an individual Nicola is creative, versatile, hardworking and dedicated. She loves learning and has a passion for fitness and wellbeing (especially nutrition, weight training and toning). In September 2018 Nicola will have completed her level 2 in fitness and personal training.