• Holistic nutrition consultations 
  • Holistic nutrition consultations in British Sign Language
  • Educational workshops
  • Non-toxic skincare
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Holistic Nutritional Therapist

Fridays 08:00 - 14:00

Initial consultation (90mins): £74

Ongoing consultations (60 min): £61

*Prices inclusive of a written summary/report of each session, sent via email


Also...gift an initial consultation to a friend and they will receive 20% off all follow-up appointments!


Ongoing/permanent offers:

  • Book 3 sessions in advance (initial consultation + 2 ongoing) for £160
  • Refer a friend for £11 off your next appointment, and £11 off their initial consultation
  • Holistic nutrition consultations 
  • Holistic nutrition consultations in British Sign Language
  • Educational workshops
  • Non-toxic skincare

A Holistic Nutritional Therapist with 3 years’ experience, Katherine has a passion for a natural approach to health and wellbeing. Based on core principles that optimal nutrition provides a foundation for true holistic health and that each individual is unique, Katherine strives to guide others towards the ideal diet for them.


Katherine feels that education is the key to supporting people to make the best health decisions for themselves. Her brand, Body Science Works, signifies a two-fold process of first learning the science of the body then gradually applying the knowledge to make it “work” for us – i.e. to achieve our health goals, whatever they may be.


Katherine believes that working towards our optimal diet should be a joyous and expansive process rather than stressful or restrictive. Plans are co-created between Katherine and her clients, never dictated or forced. For example, you may leave an appointment with a handful of new recipes to try at your own pace but (unless there is an extremely urgent need) not with a strict or overwhelming “meal plan”. New clients have the option of completing a food diary for a few days prior to the first consultation so that Katherine can use the existing diet as a guide from which to make realistic and sustainable suggestions for improvement.


An initial consultation with a new client will consist of an in-depth look at all aspects of their health. This will be the longest appointment because it is crucial to gather all relevant information prior to beginning a treatment plan. Katherine will work through the body systematically asking about the health of all body systems, as well as going through a number of details about lifestyle. It is important to remember that a true holistic approach involves looking at the “bigger picture” and both the consultation process and the treatment plan are likely to encompass more than just diet.


All appointment prices are inclusive of a written report which will be sent via email. This is so that there is no pressure on the client to take notes, allowing a comfortable and informal consultation process where both parties can be at ease.


Katherine is fluent in British Sign Language so deaf clients need not book an interpreter because they will be able to communicate with her directly.


Katherine is also a student of Naturopathy and Herbal medicine and these modalities will be added to her practice in a few years’ time.

All practitioners at the Light Centre are self-employed. When making bookings, customers are contracting with them directly and not with the Centre. As a result, practitioners manage their own diaries, so please book with them directly.