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IN STUDIO – 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Foundation

We have put together a team of internationally renowned elite teachers, each an expert in their field, to deliver what we think is one of the best yoga teacher trainings around.

The course will provide a broad context and understanding of yoga and is based on the traditional Ashtanga yoga practice, the root of all other modern styles, we encourage a non-dogmatic and openminded further exploration so you will have firm foundation to teach in whichever way you want to when you graduate.

Adam Keen – Main Asana Teacher
Stu Girling – Anatomy & Physiology
Laurent Roure – Pranayama & Breathwork
Swami Nityamuktananda Saraswati – Yoga Philosophy
Celest Pereira – Sequencing
Cherie Lathey – Yoga for Pregnancy
Jools Sampson – Business Skills for Yoga
Geeta Vara – Ayurveda

Taking place over 10 weekends in 9 months you will have the continued support and mentoring you need to feel fully confident in your knowledge and teaching ability. A strong emphasis in the training will be teaching practice, and within this, postural understanding and suitable assisting techniques.

A really great teacher also has a depth to their yoga beyond asana, So much comes up as you begin to teach on your own that this TT aims to support you not only during, but in continued mentoring after the course too. Our aim is to provide the very highest quality instruction leading to happy, inspired and successful teachers.

On completion of the foundation training, you will have gained the following:

* The ability to teach and lead a group class confidently
* An understanding of basic adjustments and postural alignment, both physically and with appropriate verbal cues
* A relevant understanding of yoga anatomy and terms
* Knowledge of Sanskrit names for the primary series of Ashtanga yoga postures
* Ability to teach a 1:1 lesson, tailoring it to the specifications of the individual
* Ability to thoughtfully assess a student as to modifications and particular adjustments to sequencing
* An understanding of the basics of breath-work and pranayama as it relates to yoga practice more widely and how to teach it more safely
* Ability to and be able to explain basic yoga philosophy, its ideas and terms, and understand how this contextualizes postural practice
* Ability to demonstrate adequate knowledge of yoga asana, particularly as it relates to the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series
* An understanding of how to use that as a basis to create your own sequences
* A personal yoga practice that works for you and your life
* An appreciation of the wider sphere of yoga practice, both as it relates to dietary requirements and health issues, but, also how it relates to the teacher, their lifestyle and personal ethics.
* Your own marketing plan for yoga teaching aims
* A whole new set of mentors and friends that live the yoga lifestyle and support you in your yoga teaching journey

Contact us today to discuss if the programme is right for you, even if you are just interested in deepening your knowledge of yoga and your practice.



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Oct 24 2020 - Jun 21 2021



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