ONLINE – Boost your immune system with the right nutrients and foods

Wednesday 27th May
18:30 – 20:00

A strong immune system is what protects us from bad pathogens. While all precautionary measures such as washing hands and social distancing are crucial, we should also make sure that our body is at its optimal state to protect us from unwelcome viruses.

The most powerful intervention to support your immune system is through food and nutrition. By delivering the right vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and eating immune-boosting foods we are making sure that we create a strong and resilient body.

By now I am sure you have already heard about the gut microbiome and probiotics. But did you know that around 70 % of your immune system is located in the gut? There are many ways you can support friendly bacteria which in turn will help you maintain a healthy immune system.

In this mini-course you will discover the science behind essential nutrients, foods and even gut microbiome and how they help to support your immune system. You will leave with many practical tips, feeling well-informed and empowered to make simple changes in your diet that will result in a stronger immune system.

Dr Klaudia is a holistic doctor trained in conventional medicine and nutrition. She is passionate about personalised nutrition and medicine, smart lifestyle solutions and the microbiome. She uses medication-free, lifestyle solutions based on the Functional Medicine approach to optimise her clients’ health and manage chronic health conditions. She offers a wide range of tools to help her clients understand their individual health needs such as genetic, nutritional, gut health and hormonal testing. She wants to guide her patients towards not only optimal health but also mental well-being in a supportive and compassionate atmosphere.


May 27 2020



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