ONLINE – Deconstructing Sun Salutations with Sara Masinelli

ONLINE – Deconstructing Sun Salutations
with Sara Masinelli 

Saturday 12th September
10:00am – 12:00pm

Streamed using Light Centre Zoom

Sun Salutations are fundamental sequences of postures to many styles of asana practice. They have many benefits and teach us how to connect our movements to the breath, while building up strength and awareness. Once we become familiar with them, they become incredible moving meditations that we can practice daily or when we more need them.

However, as we do thousands of these throughout our yogi lifetimes, it’s important that we learn how to properly perform the poses that make up sun salutations and that we do that in line with our skeletal and tissue ranges, temperament, abilities and personal motivation. We will focus on how poses feel, rather than how they look and we will learn how to adapt and bring modifications that better suit our bodies. Variations for each pose, to support all abilities, ages and body shapes will be given based on the elements of ‘functional yoga’ and the scientifically proven theory that our skeletons, tissues, physiology and motivation are organised in a very unique way.

We will touch on the origins of Sun Salutations and how they serve us in our yogic practice. Each asana will be broken down and how to transition safely between poses with the use of the breath, will be explained. I will introduce you to what to expect in standard vinyasa classes, which can be faster and could make us feel disoriented!

If you are a more experienced yogi, willing to revisit the foundations of your practice, or if you are recovering from injuries, this workshop will give you the chance to safely break down challenging poses such as chaturanga and upward facing dog. We will delve deeper into how to perform them correctly in order to avoid long-term injuries.

About the teacher:

Sara has studied yoga since 2010, when she approached a Hatha yoga studio in Italy with the intent to bring balance into her life and have a calmer more fruitful approach to her postgraduate thesis in Medieval Art History.
Sara moved to the UK in May 2011 with the desire to improve her English and become a professional in the Museum sector. In London, she discovered a more dynamic yoga practice which she fell in love with and helped her dealing with anxiety and stress deriving from the extreme lifestyle change and work-related challenges. With the help of yoga and what she learnt from its physical mental and spiritual practice, she is today working for her favourite museum while she is progressing her yoga teaching career.

She obtained her 200-hour certificate with Sally Parkes in March 2019, subsequently training with Jamie and Dulce from the Yoga People in Rocket and Yin Yoga (30hr + 30hr). An additional training in Rocket Yoga and Anatomy with Marcus Veda is awaiting her in October 2020.

She is known for her powerful but accessible practice, intuitive understanding of the body and engaging teaching style. Sara bases here teachings on ‘Functional Yoga’, in fact she offers creative sequences which are accessible to every body shape, age range and ability. She believes that poses should be performed in line with our skeletal and tissue ranges, temperament, abilities and personal motivation and that they should focus more on how they feel rather than on their aesthetic.

Her classes include pranayama and relaxation techniques, as well as yin poses to close the practice, slow down and bring awareness inwards. She believes in the importance of correctly performing postures to improve our skeleton, tissue and ligament ranges and not just to stretch the muscles. She is passionate about anatomy and she is tirelessly keeping her knowledge up-to-date with trainings and CPDs. She is currently studying Yoga traditions and philosophy with influential scholars from SOAS.

Instagram: prana37yoga


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