ONLINE – Lessons from Lockdown: Mental Wellbeing in Isolation & Beyond with Rich Goddard

Lessons from Lockdown: Mental Wellbeing in Isolation & Beyond
Wednesday 20th May

13:00 – 13:45

As if there weren’t enough apocalyptic threats to humanity taking up our newsfeeds, a viral pandemic has come along to add a dash of isolation to the already potent cocktail of fear and uncertainty.

This was never going to be easy. But maybe there’s something we can take from it…to better understand ourselves, our work-life balance, our emotions and reactions – the things we rarely take the time to consider, but which dictate so much of our lives. If we can maintain our mental wellbeing through a pandemic lockdown, we can do it any time.

In this workshop, I discuss some of the issues my clients and I, personally, have been experiencing during the isolation period, how we’ve dealt with them and learned from them, and how anybody can do the same to strengthen their mind.

We’ll cover a combination of practical tips and new ways of thinking, to last us during lockdown and beyond – including:

Focusing on what’s in your control: One of the greatest mistakes we can ever make is to focus on things outside of our control. Blaming others or wishing things were different only makes us angry, depressed and unproductive. So where should we focus?

Knowing what works for you: There’s no magic formula that works for every person’s happiness. But there are some fundamental things which are scientifically proven to improve physical and mental wellbeing. What works for you?

Owning your tech habits: Before this happened, we were already inseparable from our screens. The apps and tech we use can easily consume our lives, while remote working can drift way into overtime. So how can we make sure that we own our tech – and it doesn’t own us?

Being confined with others…or by ourselves: Whether shacked up with others or riding completely solo, being locked in one place indefinitely isn’t ideal. But it’s not uncommon in life to be stuck with people we don’t get on with, or to feel lonely in a busy world. Whatever your current lockdown situation, learning to deal with these can go much further.

Learning to appreciate, accept & adapt: Change is constantly happening all around us – sometimes more than others, but it’s always there. Learning to deal with it, and appreciating each moment as it happens, allows us to adapt and thrive, no matter the situation.

How to deal with a bad day: Some days we feel good, some days we don’t. Being able to recognise those days, the feelings and emotions that come with them, can tell us when we need to do something about it – or not.

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About Rich Goddard

Rich is a certified personal development coach, helping people to filter out the noise and distractions of 21st century life and focus on the things that matter to them the most. He’s also Editor of the Monday State of Mind newsletter: the weekly briefing on what business and tech are doing for mental wellbeing – and what we can do for our own. Featuring the latest news, tech and resources for maintaining the mind and starting the week on-form. See more at:


May 31 2020


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