£69 per month

Any Hot Yoga Class
£69 per month No minimum term, cancel whenever you like
Every 12th month free!

Offer ends Wednesday 6th Feb, 2019.

Full Terms & Conditions

Hot Yoga Monthly Unlimited Pass £69/month (no minimum term)

  • This is a monthly unlimited pass with no minimum term. It is a recurring payment of £69 taken directly from your stored debit/credit card
  • The Hot Yoga Monthly Unlimited Pass (HY MUP) can be used to attend any hot Yoga mat class, but cannot be used for and other mat classes, Pilates Reformer Classes, Courses or Workshops. Attending other mat classes or Mysore classes requires purchasing a different pricing option: ‘Monthly Unlimited Pass (with Mysore) ‘.
  • To cancel this Contract, you can do so online. Please be aware that once you cancel your contract online, it will terminate immediately and will no longer be valid. To get maximum usage out of your final month, you should cancel the contract the day before your next payment is due.’ If you have any queries, please contact
  • We cannot be held responsible for forgetting to cancel and will not issue refunds on monthly payments.
  • Your membership cannot be used by anyone other than the contract holder.
  • We reserve the right to amend the contract amount giving one month’s notice.
  • Valid at Light Centre Monument.
  • Other benefits are as advertised but may vary from time to time.