Andrea Ondruskova

Pilates Teacher

“Passionate about all things related to movement.”
Pilates – All Levels
Pilates for Backs
Pilates Beginner Courses

Pilates All Levels 12.45 – 1.30pm
Pilates 4 Backs 1.30 – 2.15pm

Andrea has been practising Pilates for 15 years. She is passionate about all things related to movement. She originally trained as a contemporary dancer and then went into teaching Yoga and Pilates. She has an MA in movement studies and her area of focus was neuroscience of movement. During her practice that spans over 20 years, she has looked at movement from all angles – as a foundation for health and fitness and as a basis for human expression.

She teaches group and private Pilates classes. When she is not teaching Pilates, she works with actors and dancers, using movement both functionally and as an artistic tool.