Anna Biela

Pilates Teacher

“Enthusiastic, motivating and uplifting.”
Pilates – All Levels, Levels 1-2

PILATES – All Levels
5:30 pm – 6:15 pm

PILATES – Level 1-2
7:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Anna brings an enthusiastic, motivating and uplifting spirit to all her classes. She is highly knowledge in the field of movement having come from a background of sports-competition, ‘Handball’ on a professional level . She now uses these skills learnt over the last 25 yrs to inform her passion of Pilates. She is committed to clients reaching their personal goals. Anna has strong interest in field of fitness and overall well-being. She has been practising daily Pilates, Yoga and mediation for over fourteen years. She is teaching classical, contemporary, and uniquely modified Pilates. She is incorporating breathing and centering techniques into instruction for optimal health. Providing various modifications and progressions to provide sufficient work for all levels, delivering hands on correction. Anna is teaching her clients how to use bands, balls, circles, blocks and other equipment designed to assist them in becoming leaner and stronger Pilates students.

The second aspect of her teaching revolves around her understanding of injury and health complaints in a personal level having been through the whole range of healing therapies herself until she finally settled on Pilates. Experiencing such remarkable effects, she immediately started her own daily regime which she has continually enjoyed greater and long lasting benefits.

Anna is a Level 3 Advanced Mat Pilates, Advanced Anatomy and Physiology, Reformer Pilates, Pilates with a small equipment, Pilates for Common Orthopaedic Conditions, Pre-and Postnatal Exercise, and Cadillac and Wunda Chair. Classes can be taught on a 1:1 level for individuals specific complaints and therapy or more for general holistic health in a group setting. Either way you are guaranteed to enjoy a rigorous but safe work-out with a personal and nurturing touch, that will leave you excited to develop your knowledge of this profoundly transformational practice. Her passion and love for Pilates reflect in number of her clients in her classes.