Brittni Giles

Hot Yoga Teacher

“Challenging, approachable and holistically well-rounded.”

Hot Vinyasa Flow Yoga

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Yoga-acclaimed smiling assassin, in the studio of course. A health holistic specialist with 6 years of expertise in Yoga, Barre and Pilates – an ongoing commitment to wearing yoga pants. Challenging, approachable and holistically well-rounded, three principles that Brittni weaves into all elements of a practice with a warm, caring delivery.

Taking the practice of a hearty sun salutation from Sydney and bottling that expertise as a direct import to London. Brittni is an advocate leading a healthy, balanced life through mindful movement and positive psychology. With Global expertise in holistic health, each class is a unique opportunity for students to discover their own, unique practice. Paving the way for a deeper understanding in a safe and positive environment.