Claire Wilson

Hot Yoga Teacher

“Focused, mindful and playful.”

Hot Vinyasa Flow Yoga


Claire first found her way onto a yoga mat 5 years ago after a shoulder and back injury. Whilst her practice began on a physical level to help heal her injury, Claire was soon drawn to the practice on a much deeper level and experienced huge benefits of mind and body connection, relaxation and focus. She found that the yoga mat was a place to let go and become fully present; something which was much needed whilst working in a hectic, corporate environment. After training with Stretch London, she received her 200hr qualification in 2017 and can be found teaching at various studios across East London.

Claire is a dynamic and passionate teacher who teaches a focused, mindful and playful flow with strong sequencing to aid the connection of mind, body and breath. Her classes invite fellow yogi’s to truly embody their practice by guiding them through a strong and explorative vinyasa flow. She encourages each yogi to tune in to their own experience on the mat whilst leading the class to move, connect and breathe together.