Clare Sheridan

Pilates Teacher

“If you move Pilates will enhance your life!”
Pilates – All Levels

Mondays 8:00–8:45am

Clare first discovered Pilates in her twenties as a remedy for chronic back and shoulder problems caused by a childhood accident. She began practicing reformer Pilates at the renowned Alan Herdman studio in London where she learned how to move in a way that enhanced spinal function, managed the old injuries, plus improved her overall strength and mood. Finally, ten years ago, her love of physical activity movement brought her to qualify as a fitness instructor and Personal Trainer in Sydney, Australia. It was here that she felt ready to train as a Pilates mat work instructor, and several years later as a Reformer and Oov instructor to further enhance her teaching tools.

Clare believes that both the mat work and reformer Pilates methods can be an invaluable tool in the fields of rehabilitation and as a way to help people move and therefore perform better. The scope of benefits encompasses everyone from the recreational exerciser to the professional athlete – if you move Pilates will enhance your life!

Clare’s sessions incorporate a variety of exercises taken from both the traditional Pilates repertoire and the more modern approach to Integrated Functional Movement. She also includes the use of small equipment such as the Oov, Powerbands, Swiss Balls and foam rollers.