Jana Krychtalkova

Law of Attraction Coaching, Energy Healing, Meditation, Energy Healing combined with Aromatherapy or Reflexology

17:30 – 20:30
Appointments available on request at other days/hours

Coaching £95/ 60 min
£135/ 90 min
Other therapies £75/ 60 min
£105/ 90 min
10% discount for 6 sessions bundle
Your first coaching session is £48 (half price)

07972 900 070


  • Experience more ease and joy in your life
  • Self-awareness and self-love
  • Believing in yourself and celebrating your uniqueness
  • Life purpose – realising your potential and unfolding of your innate gifts and talents
  • Authentic and happy relationships
  • Abundance and prosperity

ABOUT Jana Krychtalkova

Jana is a Law of Attraction Coach, Meditation Teacher and Energy Healer. She is passionate about helping her clients reconnect to their natural well-being, innate worthiness and positive mindset. Jana believes that there is greatness and unique gifts and talents within all of us and as we learn to follow our joy, they unfold in perfect ways.

LAW OF ATTRACTION COACHING will help you tap into your true power by learning how to use your mind positively in a consistent way. Jana’s gift as a healer enables her to tune into your energy while channelling words which will guide in the release of negative thoughts and beliefs, allowing a deeper alignment with your true desires. This part of the session can be recorded, so you can use it later as affirmations. As you commit to this powerful transformation of your mind, your own everyday practice will be essential. Like attracts like (Law of Attraction), so inner changes will soon be mirrored in your outer world, manifesting as positive ideas, people and circumstances.

To understand your true sacred identity under all layers of conditioning and personal history, a meditation practice is enormously helpful. Jana created LOVING LIFE MEDITATION course to support you on this inner journey and you are very welcome to join it at Light Centre Monument on Fridays 5:30 – 6:30pm. Book your place here

ENERGY HEALING is perceived in a wide variety of ways, from deeply relaxing to profound and spiritual. As a healer, Jana channels pure positive Source energy and initiates the healing from there. The healing is both hands on and auric – working on the subtle body (or aura). During the session Jana will often receive healing messages and insights which are always loving and empowering and support the innate ability of clients to make the right choices for themselves. To feel the profound effect of Energy Healing, sometimes it’s helpful to start with a body treatment such as AROMATHERAPY or REFLEXOLOGY. Once your body is deeply relaxed you will naturally become more receptive to the subtle yet powerful energies of Healing.

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