Katsura Isobe

1:1 Pilates Teacher

“Movement has a tremendous power to heal and transform us.”
Pilates Equipment 1:1

Mondays 8am-2pm

07960 906 781

1:1 60 mins – £75,
1:1 10 sessions – £700,
1:2 60 mins – £50 per person
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Katsura’s fascination with the body, movement and its expression has been originally cultivated in dance, where she has trained, studied and worked professionally for three decades. As she gained more insights, her curiosity kept growing beyond dance and expanded into anatomical & physiological, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of us humans. This journey took her to study and practice in Pilates, Somatic Movement and Craniosacral Therapy.

Having trained as a comprehensive Pilates teacher with Alan Herdman in 2006, Katsura has worked extensively with a wide population from teenage to 90-year-old, each of whom unique. She enjoys accompanying a journey with those who require specific medical conditions* such as Parkinson disease, MS, pre/post-surgery, injury recovery etc. as well as pre/post natal, and chronic aches and pains.

Her strong belief is in movement, that has a tremendous power to heal and transform us.

Katsura is also a Registered Craniosacral Therapist with Craniosacral Therapy Association, and a Registered Somatic Movement Educator & Therapist with ISMETA.

*please ask your doctor for a permission to exercise