Mandy Barusta

Hot Yoga Teacher

“Warm, energetic and empathetic.”
Hot Vinyasa Flow Yoga


Mandy’s journey on the path of yoga began in 2010 while she was traveling in Asia. She has since gained knowledge and experience through many different styles of yoga. At her very first class she fell in love with the challenging and powerful Astanga Yoga system and she became committed to a Mysore-style practice in the tradition of Sri K Pattabhi Jois.

She was first attracted by the physical aspect of yoga and didn’t know what effects it would have on her future. Continuing her practice, she quickly discovered its joy and benefits both on her body and mind using mindful movement, breath and awareness. As she experienced this inner transformation on herself, she truly believes that the power of yoga can positively transform someone’s life and she felt inspired to share this gift with others.

With her roots grounded in the strength of Astanga, Mandy’s style has evolved into a dynamic Vinyasa based class – drawing on all forms/learnings from the many different teachers and schools she is inspired by. Her personality is warm, energetic and empathetic, so although the class style may be dynamic and flowing, her softness allows students to completely ease and melt. Her favourite thing is to see the expressions on her students faces after class, knowing that they feel refreshed and revitalised.