Monika Golos

Pilates Teacher

“In a Healthy Body, a Healthy Spirit.”

Pilates Mat All Levels
Monday 8am – 8.45am at Monument

Friday 5.30pm – 6.15pm at Moorgate

Book for private session:
07711 062 508

Since childhood Monika has been passionate about body movement and actively involved in a range of exercise modalities, from gymnastics, dance, kickboxing to intense gym training. However, suffering with injuries, which were a result of a motorbike accident, she started practicing Pilates to rehabilitate her body. Daily Pilates practice has brought her back to activities that she loved, and she is determined to pass this on to help others experience the positive changes she felt.

As a qualified Pilates instructor with Body Harmonics, she teaches clients how correct alignment, quality of movement and breathing can balance and strengthen the body. In these classes you can expect to be taught a gradual progression towards the classical repertoire of Joseph Pilates. Monika specializes in improving posture, spinal rehabilitation and strengthening. Over the course of your practice you will focus on building core-strength along with flexibility and optimal movement function. There is always an emphasis on careful alignment and breathing. Specific remedial and pregnancy classes are also offered on a tailor-made 1:1 basis.

Monika’s aim as an instructor is to inspire and enable you to feel strong and connected to your body as well as pain-free, calm and at ease.