Peter Santos Rego

Yoga Teacher

“Practicing Ashtanga yoga daily for over ten years.”


Mon-Fri 6:00-9:00am

Peter has been practicing Ashtanga yoga daily for over ten years.  His journey into yoga started the first time he went to Mysore India in 2006 where he stayed for nearly a year solely to practice at the then Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute.(now the Krishna Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga institute). Peter has returned to Mysore 4 times and spent nearly 3 years practicing under the guidance of Sharath Jois his Guru and the director of  the K.P.J.A.Y.I. On his last visit he had the honour of assisting his teacher Sharath Jois and was given level 2 authorization to teach Ashtanga

Prior to practicing Ashtanga yoga Peter spent 25 years learning Martial arts (Karate, Judo, Aikido, Mauy Thai and tai chi) and Massage and muscle manipulation and try’s to incorporate all his anatomical knowledge and experience practicing with injuries into the way he shares the Ashtanga practice.

For more details about Ashtanga and Peter check out his website

Mysore Style Self Practice

Is an individual practice within a group setting following a set sequence of postures, so you might get someone who has been practicing for many years practicing next to someone who has just started to practice both learning at there own pace. This allows people of all ages and physical abilities to practice together in a community and be inspired by each other. Students are expected to keep them selves and there kit clean and unscented (that means no perfumes as strong scents might affect others practice) and a sense of humour is helpful as progression through the sequences does take some time.

For first timers to Mysore practice you should know that just like learning anything from the new you start small and build on that small foundation so your first few sessions probably won’t take that long as you will only be doing a few postures but as you keep up the practice it will evolves into many postures and different sequences which will take longer to perform.