Raghbir Kaur

Yoga Teacher

“Anything is possible”

Vinyasa Flow, Pregnancy Yoga, One-to-One.

Thurs 07:45 – 08:30

Raghbir’s yoga journey began whilst working in the corporate life within the city of London. Yoga was introduced to her as a way of managing the stress which derived from this busy lifestyle. She instantly felt the benefits from the very first yoga class she attended, that feeling of being able to walk out of an office and switch off, it was an amazing experience which has never been forgotten. Yoga impacted her by giving her a positive outlook in life and she soon realised that it was possible to work in a professional office environment without the need to be stressed and learned to manage a good work-life balance. Her attitude to life is “anything is possible” and you can get everything you want in life if you truly believe it. She is very dedicated to her practice and wants to share everything she learned to those who lead a similar lifestyle. Raghbir undertook teacher training in Pranayama, meditation and then followed on to train in 200Hr vinyasa flow, and added pregnancy yoga teacher training to her portfolio.

Breath and alignment are the main focus whilst transitioning through a flow of postures to get the body moving. Her classes are open to all levels; if you are new to yoga you will feel at ease yet encouraged to try everything. If you are an experienced student you will be challenged with various options. You can take your practice as far as you wish in a safe and comfortable environment. Feeling uplifted, energised, with a clear and calm mind are some of the benefits which you can experience.

Email: Raghbirkaur@hotmail.co.uk