Sam Lisboa

1:1 Pilates Equipment Instructor

“Shine a light on your true potential.”

Clinic Hours
Thursday 8 -2pm

Book for private sessions:
07462 652 004

Pilates Philosophy

My classes are a chance to tune-in and re-connect. To shine a light on your true potential by building deep strength within the body and focusing the mind.


  • Increased Physical and Mental Resistance
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Muscle Tone
  • Promotes joint health
  • Relieves aches and pains
  • Weight control
  • Balance of all body functions

I hail from Brazil and have had a strong love for movement from an early age.
Initially Samba and Ballet were my passions of choice, but my horizons were widened when studying to be a physiotherapist.
My philosophy has always been to be preventative and Pilates soon became an invaluable tool.

My classes are classical using Joseph Pilates and STOTT philosophy to create better balance, posture, efficient bio-mechanics and strength in the whole body.
I utilise manual and manipulative therapy, Pilates/core stability training and functional strength training to provide effective therapy.

I have over 10 years experience working with athletes, pre/post-natal woman, geriatrics, paediatrics, and pre/post-operative patients.