Sophie Higgins

Yoga Teacher

“Fun, playful, and dynamic classes.”

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

8 – 8.45am

12.30 – 1.15pm

Sophie is a yoga instructor and registered nutritional therapist, teaching and practicing in the London area. Sophie has always been interested in health and well-being from a very early age, taking up ballet and other forms of dance up until the age of 16. After an injury prevented her from taking dance any further, she decided to move to London to study Law at university, then embarking on a career in the City. Work was stressful and tiring, her health quickly began to deteriorate, and it seemed impossible to find that peace and balance she longed for. She did have one saviour throughout this time however – yoga, which was rapidly developing into more than just a fitness regime.

After 4 years of the city life, Sophie decided it just wasn’t for her, and left her job to embark on a yoga teacher training course, and a three year nutritional therapy diploma, which changed her life in so many positive ways – she has never looked back!

Sophie’s classes are dynamic, playful, and challenging, but most importantly, fun! A flowing sequence of postures is linked and transitioned through by using the breath, creating a calm, and mindful moving meditation. Sophie will guide you through this flowing, creative practice, offering modifications and variations for all levels, but encouraging students to cultivate and use their own mind/body connection to truly make this their own, individual practice. Throughout this breath focused practice, attention is also paid to positioning, alignment, and the use of Bandhas. Prepare to connect with yourself on a deep level, and be taken to places you may not have been to before! Expect a strong emphasis on music too, with a catchy playlist in every class!