Are you ready to lead a happier, healthier life and make the changes you wish to see?

Alexandra uses Cognitive Hypnotherapy, NLP and Life Coaching techniques to guide people bound by low self esteem or social anxiety create a life they love in which they can truly thrive.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a modern, evidence-based approach developed by recent discoveries in neuroscience. Hypno-CBT (HCBT) is the integration of social, cognitive and behavioural psychology with traditional hypnotism as well as draws upon the most effective elements of Positive Psychology and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

HCBT tackles both destructive, ineffective behaviour and unhelpful, negative thinking patterns allowing you to feel empowered, inspired and in control of your life.

Alexandra is registered with the GHR.



What clients say about working with Alexandra


“From the moment I met Alexandra I knew I was in the presence of a truly unique soul. I experienced in her a natural ability to connect at a deep level. I believe that Alexandra will become a leading figure in the world of wellbeing: if you have the chance to work with her, I would take this opportunity. She is a trustworthy, intelligent and intuitive practitioner.”
Katie Abbott

Alexandra has really helped guide me through releasing some of the negative thoughts I have been carrying around. I feel much lighter as a result and feel like the gates have opened to a more positive way of viewing life and all that it has to offer. I have really enjoyed working with Alexandra she has been a wonderful mentor. I had no previous knowledge of hypnotherapy before but would definitely recommend it for anyone struggling with inner thoughts that are limiting how they experience life.
Veronica K


I’ve been in therapy for years, but never tried CBT, or really knew what hypnotherapy was, so I was a bit apprehensive walking in, but thankfully Alexandra’s beautiful, calming presence put me right at ease. Her voice is so lovely - perfect to help guide me into a deeper state of consciousness, as I revisited a state of anxiety, and chose to sit with negative feelings to truly connect with them and let them go. And afterwards, wow, just wow. I felt so much lighter, but also so much more grounded! I’ve talked about anxiety and anxious situations in so many ways over the years, but I’ve never had someone guide me through the process of revisiting it and letting it go like this. It’s one thing knowing how to deal with a situation, it’s another thing getting to practice it while someone holds your hand! And now, a few days later, I can actually feel the difference so quickly 
Siobhan K