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Online Therapy Appointments during Covid-19: Integrative Modalities, Reiki & Advanced Energy Healing, Women's Health, Stress Management, Health Coaching

Online Sessions Mon-Sat


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Clinic  Bespoke ad hoc will be available once we return to work - please message me

£40 /30 min       £60 /45 min

£80 /60 mins     £100-120 /90min

£150-170 /120 min  

FREE Telephone Consultation - discover the ideal solution for you 

SEE CURRENT SALES & OFFERS (on my website) 

25% OFF Online Holistic Health & Wellbeing Packages in July

SAVE UP TO £120!  

£120 /4 x 30min sessions (save £40)

£180 /4 x 45min sessions (save £60)

£240/ 4 x 1-hr sessions (save £80)

£360/ 4 x 90 min sessions (save £120)

£360 / 6 x 1-hr sessions (save £120)


  • Stress Relief and Relaxation
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Insomnia, Fatigue & Burnout
  • Menopause & Women's Health
  • Holistic Wellbeing Support for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health & vitality.
  • Online Holistic Health Coaching & DISTANCE HEALING 

Online One-To-One Therapies available during Covid-19 lockdown/self-isolation:

 Distance Reiki Healing Sessions

Alchemy Energetics Shamanic Spiritual Healing 

Ancestral Healing

Healing with the Pleiades

Reiki for Anxiety

Reiki Drum Journey 

Reiki Drum Healing

25% OFF Online Holistic Health Coaching & Distance Healing Packages in JULY

Online Classes:

Pleiades Energy Healing Online Live Course | 6:30pm BST / 6-8-9 July 2020

Sign up to the Pleiades Energy Healing Course to Fast Track Your Evolutionary Leap! These Powerful Initiations are the best way to prepare yourself energetically and psychically for the Sixth Sun. Accelerate Your Conscious Evolution!

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Group Integrative Therapy Sessions coming up: 

Holistic Detox Online Class: Plant Allies & Cosmic Helpers | Go Beyond Dieting! Mind, Body & Soul Spa with Plant Spirits & Star Guides for clean living and a lighter heart. Rejuvenation inside and out!

Eliminate Stress & Pain, Problems & Obstacles | Heal  repetitive patterns, heavy emotions & karma | Balance the elements

We gather online at the special time of the Moon & Alcyone conjunction. Don’t Miss Out!

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Therapy Gift Vouchers

Thoughtful Gifts for special occasions - think unique Birthday Gifts, a Mother's Day Gift of Wellbeing, or even as a present for the man or woman who has everything!   

 See Special Rates & Book Your Online Appointment

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Ersilia has been practising and teaching integrative therapies since 2005. She is on a mission to empower, educate and support lifestyle changes, to create greater health and wellbeing for her clients and students, especially under the current challenging circumstances. 

Contact Ersilia for a free 15 min telephone consultation, and discover the ideal therapy synergy for you.

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All practitioners at the Light Centre are self-employed. When making bookings, customers are contracting with them directly and not with the Centre. As a result, practitioners manage their own diaries, so please book with them directly.