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Colon Hydrotherapist, Systematic Kinesiologist, Nutritional Therapist

Wednesdays 14:30 am - 20:00pm

Colon Hydrotherapy:
£100 - 60 minutes including herbal implant or coffee


£270 for a course of 3 colonics
£510 for a course of 6 colonics


Systematic Kinesiology:               

£120 - 90 minutes Initial session

£85 - 60 minutes follow-up session


Nutritional Consultation:           

£145 - 60 minutes initial consultation

£75 - 30 minutes follow-up consultation

Special Introductory Offer:

£85 for 60 min Initial Colon Hydrotherapy Session, normally £100.

This will include coffee or herbal implant when requested in advance. 

This is only available until the 29th April 2020

Please mention this offer otherwise your colonic session will be booked as normal. 

  • Cleansing
  • Weight Management
  • Healthy Eating
  • Digestive issues – Gut Dysbiosis, Food Intolerances and more
  • Stress Management
  • Hormonal Health

Kaori is passionate about what she does! She helps empower clients and transform their lives. She is dedicated to helping those who want to achieve and promote physical, mental and emotional well-being by providing personal support, balanced personalised healthy nutrition, combined with a colon hydrotherapy session and kinesiology techniques.


She works with busy individuals, some of whom are over the age of 40 and struggle with low energy, lack of clarity, less than optimum health or difficulty reaching and maintaining their ideal weight.


She was a vegan chef back in Japan before she became a holistic health practitioner. She is a nutritional therapist, qualified in 2005 and obtained master's degree in nutritional therapy in 2011. Her nutritional consultation focuses on nutritious food and balanced healthy eating which is a foundation of health and wellbeing. She promotes healthy eating and lifestyle to clients as a starting point. She also uses diagnostic laboratory testing to help identify the root causes of their issues.


She specialises in digestive health and is a qualified ARCH certified colon hydrotherapy practitioner since 2006. She understands that each client is different and requires a different approach to a colonic session as well as lifestyle and dietary changes. Depending upon the needs of the client, she may also use herbal implants and coffee during the session along with abdominal massage to enhance the effectiveness of the session.


She uses skills of Systematic Kinesiology which helps to assess the subclinical underlying cause of health issue(s) in the physical, nutritional and emotional realms. She works with clients who requires a specific support on not just physical and nutritional but also emotional levels. Systematic Kinesiologists uses different tools which allow the body to reveal what it needs to maintain the balance via muscle response. She was trained at the Academy of Systematic Kinesiology in 2012.

All practitioners at the Light Centre are self-employed. When making bookings, customers are contracting with them directly and not with the Centre. As a result, practitioners manage their own diaries, so please book with them directly.