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Access Bars®, Access Body Processes and Nutritional Therapy
07756 493963

Tuesdays 14:30 - 20:30 

Adhoc subject to availability

30 minutes (TASTER) - £30
60 minute session - £80
90 minute (optimum) session - £120

Initial consultation (60 minutes) - £90
Follow up session (30 minutes) - £45

mBody program (120 minutes) - £150
(see website for details)
Follow up session (30 minutes) - £45


3 x 90 minute Access Bars sessions booked & paid in advance for £285
i.e. £95 per session (normally £360)

Metabolic assessment (30 minutes) £25 (normally £45)

Facilitating change in all areas of life (reducing anxiety/stress/depression/  PTSD, creating more clarity, ease & joy, improving body connection,  removing financial/relationship/
wellbeing/ career limiting blocks, improving sleep/motivation/relaxation).


Including Access Energetic Facelift (using the energy that you and your body has access to inviting your body’s cells to restore, enliven and rejuvenate.

Weight Loss/Management, Metabolism, Digestive Health, Overall Wellbeing

Sarah has been practising Access Bars® and Body Processes since 2013, having experienced a dynamic change in her own life as a result of using the tools and processes.    

A session with Sarah can include dynamic facilitation using clearings to enable you to move beyond what is currently holding you back, whether that is over thinking (creating anxiety and stress), physical symptoms (often created by decisions and conclusions or other people's points of view) or limitations related to our life, money, career, relationships, purpose or joy. 

She is an Access Bars Facilitator which enables her to teach Access Bars® to others.  

Sarah studied nutrition after becoming interested in the ability of the body to heal naturally when it was given the correct environment; positive mind (our beliefs & thoughts), good nutrition (how we fuel our body), regular movement (dance, run, walk, workout) and beneficial relationships (who we gather around us and where we spend our time).  She has developed her own program 'mbody' which fuses together the energetics of clearing limitations available via Access Bars® with a nutritional education program which includes tips for sleep, hydration, relaxation, movement, connection as they could all have an affect on how the body is functioning.

Sarah doesn't believe in over complicating food by counting calories/macros or over focussing on the Glycemic index etc.  There is an abundance of food choices that are nutrient dense and beneficial for the body.   One of the keys to eating well is having access to healthy, delicious recipes which are simple to prepare and Sarah, with a lifelong love of cooking, provides resources so that lack of ideas is never an excuse for eating poorly.

Sarah works holistically with clients to review their lifestyle, targets and current behaviours to build a tailored nutrition and lifestyle plan.    Her aim is to enable clients to reconnect with their bodies, so they become a source of joy, freedom and pleasure.


After an Access Bars session with Sarah, I feel a lot lighter, free and at peace. The best thing about Sarah is her ability to reframe how you view things. I come away with a different perspective: a more optimistic and fun approach to life. Sarah has also gone above and beyond in providing tools and materials that I can use independently outside of sessions, to help myself. I struggle with anxiety/depression at times and Sarah has helped flip my point of view radically so that I suffer less. I would recommend Sarah wholeheartedly to anyone. A session with Sarah will at the very least leave you feeling a lot more relaxed and good about yourself. And we could all do with that!     James, London (Feb-19)

I would highly recommend an Access Bars session with Sarah.        I have been involved with energy work for over 20 years and this (one) session was amongst the best I have experienced.   Teresa, London (Sept-18)


All practitioners at the Light Centre are self-employed. When making bookings, customers are contracting with them directly and not with the Centre. As a result, practitioners manage their own diaries, so please book with them directly.