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Reformer pilates and clinical sports massage therapy


1:1s 8:30-12:30




Reformer 1:1s £65


£10 off first reformer 1:1 session

5 sessions for £300

Back pain

Injury rehabilitation

Sports performance


Pre and post natal 

 During Natasha's time studying dance she became injured, the pain and discomfort began to spread until all the activities she  loved, she had to stop. As an active and sporty person from a young age this was incredibly frustrating for her.

  As her journey unveiled and those constant questions of, why? What’s really going on with her body? continued to circulate her head, she discovered a passion for the knowledge behind pain, muscle dysfunction and injury. This set her on the path to study movement and massage...

  She found that regular manual therapy and pilates alongside one another had an increased positive effect both mentally and physically. The deep massage and fascial techniques helped to alleviate pain and re-align the tissues. Then by integrating the postural awareness and strengthening exercises of pilates, she found that it made an excellent rehabilitative programme.

After her injury Pilates was the one form of exercise she could do, that made her feel strong and supple without the frustrations of pain. It targets and strengthens the deep postural muscles which helps to re-align bad postural habits and encourages correct alignment of the entire body.

The controlled movements are perfect for building strength, stamina and flexibility creating longer leaner muscles and above all balance within the body. Pilates is perfect for all levels of fitness. It is not only brilliant as a low impact rehabilitation program for anyone with injuries or post surgery, it is also excellent for those who want to support specific training regime i.e. athletes, dancers, football players etc. Plus benefit anyone starting or wanting to change to a new exercise program.

She qualified as a Body Control Pilates matwork, Reformer and Cadillac teacher.  To add to her movement training and explore how the mind effects the body, she trained as a Yoga teacher. She then attended the London School of Sports massage with a diploma in Clinical sport and remedial soft tissue therapy and is now currently training to be an Osteopath. Her background allows her to focus on creating individual packages and bespoke treatments for each person. 

All practitioners at the Light Centre are self-employed. When making bookings, customers are contracting with them directly and not with the Centre. As a result, practitioners manage their own diaries, so please book with them directly.